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For full competition guidelines, see the foot of the page.


Monthly Photo competition entry form


Date of next competition:

Tue 3rd July

Competition theme:

Print evening

Deadline for submission:

Sun 1st July

For competition guidelines, see below.

Please enter your name (both parts):

Please enter your
email address:
(Please check this carefully!)

Title of photo:



Type of camera:

dSLR-> Compact-> (max. one entry per category)

What sort of camera
was used?
(please feel free to include as much
relevant technical info as you wish

File to upload:

Please re-size your image to a maximum width of 1024 pixels and
768 pixels high. If the file size is too big, you will not be able to submit it.
See guidelines for more information.

Any further comments:

By submitting this image, you are agreeing to your image being displayed on the EMUP website following the competition.

Please note that it may take a number of seconds whilst your photo is uploaded, so some patience may be needed.

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Competition guidelines

  1. The main purpose of each competition is to gain feedback on your images from the invited guest speaker (or the EMUP Panel). Each speaker normally offers constructive advice on all images submitted.
  2. Each month, Gold, Silver and Bronze is awarded to the best three images based on a vote by the members who attend on the evening.
  3. There are two categories for entry. Everyone entering a photo is entered in the Open category, which is for everyone. Photos taken on compact cameras are also entered into the Compact only category.
  4. To enter a photo, which must be taken by you, please resize a jpeg image to a maximum width of 1024 and a maximum height of 768 pixels and 72 dpi. There is an excellent article on the BSoUP website by Alex Mustard which explains how to adjust your image and laying out portfolios http://www.bsoup.org/Open_Portfolio/digiguide.php
  5. The photos will be projected using a Powerpoint presentation on a black background, so you will need to decide whether your photo could benefit from a narrow white boundary to enhance its projection especially if it has dark areas around the edges.
  6. Please do not "watermark" images with your name.
  7. Please provide as much detail as possible on the form about when and where the photo was taken as well as making sure that the EXIF data is attached to your jpeg file.
  8. Entries must be submitted before midnight on the Tuesday, 7 days prior to the meeting (as indicated at the top of this page).
  9. By submitting your image(s), you are agreeing to your image being displayed on the Club website following the competition.

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